Monday, July 02, 2007

Statewise recycling program: more than meets the eye.

The plastic bag issue is blowin' around everywhere these days.

First there was San Fran. Then some interest from LA, and recently, a flurry of attention about the nation's first statewide manditory plastic bag recycling measure.

AB 2449, which went into effect July 1st, requires big markets to take back and recycle plastic bags.

YEAY! I can finally load up on plastic bags with impunity, heck - double bag it, and gimme a separate one for my stick of gum, why not? They're recyclable....

Sarcasm aside, at least the issues making a small splash.

Unfortunately, the passage of this bill came with great compromise. So great that many environmental groups were adamantly opposed - I posted about the issue a few times. Turns out that the bill ALSO prohibits local municipalities from placing fees or taxes on plastic bags, a measure that seems to work in other parts of the world.....

Why the compromise? According to Californians Against Waste, ceding to this devious demand was the only way to push SOMETHING forward. Read CAWs statement here.

Time for some more research. I've been accused of being a knee jerk, alarmist liberal, so I'm going to hold my tongue (or fingers) and investigate more before I spout off on this. Meantime, if anyone has any insights, I'm all ears (or eyes).

Incidentally, AB 2449 was sponsored by Assembymember Lloyd Levine, who I joined on a panel discussion on sustainability with the LA County Young Democrats a few months back, thats him behind me to the right. He was certainly passionate about the issue, inspired by jogging around a Los Angeles awash in plastic bags....I'm going to give him a try.


Anonymous said...

The plastic bag problem has been weighing heavily on me lately. I want to organize a local crochet-in where people make their own reusable shopping bags or something!

Love your blog!

Roger, Gone Green said...

As it happens. a plastic bag BAN can still be enacted by local jurisdictions, per the CAW folks . . . Stay tuned as more jurisdictions do just that (especially since that is *all* that can be done) . . . this may well be a case of "be careful what you wish for" for the plastic bag industry . . .

Alec said...

Greetings, fellow rabble-rouser:

I came across your blog by a Google search for AB 2449; I share your sentiments towards waste.

Perhaps you could illuminate a Wisconsinite to the war against waste in the Californian theatre?