Saturday, July 28, 2007

Water we to do w/ used filters?

I had lunch the other week with Charles Rosenberg, nutritionist/DJ/writer and chef for an upcoming Yoga retreat, who I met through 6 degrees of separation. Charles instantly became my new BYO hero.

We ended up chatting about the evils of disposables more than nutrition - it's rare that I meet someone as committed as I to the issue.....Charles even brought my attention to one I'd never really considered: used water filters for Brita, PUR, and other home filtration systems.

Apparently, used filters are not recyclable in the US, which means sending these now toxic, plastic pieces of junk to the landfill. Yet they DO recycle filters in Europe, using "a different technology"......anyone looking to import this superior system anytime soon?

Other concerned hydraters have had this question. Check out this discussion on Fake Plastic Fish, which includes a back and forth dialogue with the Brita reps themselves.

Back to lunch with Charles: when my overambitious ordering yielded a field of leftover greens, Charles whipped out a reusable container, which he totes around in case of disposable emergencies. And took the rest to go sans paper or styrofoam.

Did I mention he's my new hero?


Unknown said...

Great idea with the reusable leftover container! I'm going to put one in my purse right now!

Anonymous said...

Anna, e-mail me. My address is in my profile. I've been up all night reading your blog, and I feel like I've been living your life... a year later. You are MY new hero.


Anna said...

awesome summer, so glad you're inspired.....gotta warn you, once you make this subtle shift, becomes habit forming....

and beth, just sent you an email, lets turn our mutual hero worship into some dual disposables diva action!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I've nominated you for a Blogging for Positive Global Change award!


Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

Brilliant idea, carrying the container around with you! I was just this morning annoyed at the styrofoam containers in my trashcan from our restaurant dinner leftovers last night!

bobbi c.

Anna said...

Yes, its so easy to throw a reusable in your bag when going out for a meal, specially in this country of excess - North American restaurants tend to serve heaping plates. Unless its a super pricey joint serving mice-sized portions....

And Leila, thanks so much for the nomination, you rock!