Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Calling for old T-shirts

I'm looking for your old T-shirts! That stack of "well I might wear them for workouts" that so many of us have --I'm turning these into reusable produce bags, thanks to a grant from Patagonia. I'll then distribute 400 bags for free in exchange for your pledge to USE THEM at least 10 times.

Hopefully it then becomes a habit....

These aren't totes, but rather smaller, "plastic bag" sized bags - a non-petroleum solution to the farmers market dilemma:
lovely organic produce carted home in a plastic bag mountain.

Any T will do, as long as you're getting rid of them....tanks will also work, like this "Make love not war" bag. So far they are super cute, will post some pix soon.

A wonderful parent volunteer from Jefferson Elementary, where my sis is a counselor, is helping with the sewing. Local materials and local production for your local organic goods.

Once I have enough completed "baguettes", I'll find a tabling venue to give them away, and let you know. So drop me a line if you have a bag full, for every 20 Ts, I'll kick you back a baguette!

Now that JUNK is safely afloat, heading for the openwaters, I'm getting to creative projects to keep entertained......