Sunday, July 30, 2006

Whole Foods: Plastic vs.....Plastic?

The paper or plastic question is a doozy. A quick google search on the topic yields 13,900,000 results. Anyone looking for a definitive answer has their work cut out for them.....of course, we know the real answer: neither, bring your own.

Both paper and plastic require raw materials and energy (fossil fuels) to produce and transport, both processes emit water and air pollution, and both need to be "dealt" with after their ever-so-brief lifespans. Which means they either go to the landfill, are recycled, or somehow wind up on the sides of freeways, in local surf spots, etc.

So to make life easier for us, Whole Foods is eliminating the choice, and going all plastic, at least in the Southern region......

More to come about this.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Win TJ's raffle when you BYO!

Just learned about this one: every time you bring your own bag to Trader Joe's, you enter to win a raffle for a $25 shopping spree! They have drawings twice a month, so the odds are pretty good.....especially since it doesn't seem like a ton of peeps are responding....yet.

Same old same old, this great store promotion, yet not alot of signage, save this little reminder up at the register. Of course, if you didn't bring your own bag, the reg. sign is a wee bit too late. Maybe keychains would work? Something you look at before leaving the house? I've been eyeing these great ones made out of recycled bike chains for when I have some $ to put into BYO goods.

In any event, the TJ's raffle is awesome - $25 at TJ's could fetch some pretty nice loot. So take advantage!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wild Oats Wooden Nickel Program

Not only do you cut back on unrecyclable disposable nasties when you Bring Your Own, you often get a little discount from cafes or markets - usually only 5 or 10 cents, but it all adds up in the grand scheme of things.

Even better, Wild Oats has a program where you can either opt for the 5 cents off, OR donate to a local charity through their Wooden Nickel Program. In return for your mindfullness, the cashier will hand you a little wooden nickel that you deposit in a slot, choosing between 3 local non-profits, who likely need the 5 cents more than your average Wild Oats shopper.

What suprises me is how few people I see responding to this - I'm a regular at Wild Oats, and rarely see people bringing their own bags. I wonder what percentage of people remember, and how we might work to up the numbers......will hafta look into this one. Any ideas from anyone?