Thursday, April 27, 2006

the coffee cup landscape

A typical day in front of.....a coffee shop on Montana. Not to single this coffee shop out, as a) I LOVE their coffee and b) you'd find the same image at just about any java joint in town.

Granted, vendors of disposables are just the providers, and ultimately we consumers must make the right choices.

I just see such an opportunity for them - markets, coffee shops, "to go" restaurants, etc. - to play a leadership role in helping the busy, forgetfull consumer with some signage. Will post next an awesome sign my super creative friend wendy made.

Monday, April 03, 2006

BYO kits here

My sassy cousins Audrey Eamer and Ash Adams modeling new BYO cups and bags.

Bags are organic cotton totes - thanks to Patagonia for the generous donation, as well as all the other ways they support eco causes. Printing by Homeboy Industries, downtown (LA) company that trains and employs former gang members.

Cups and bags will be available for purchase soon on website - meantime you can ask me directly and I'll send you a kit - $8/bag, $10/cups, or $15 for both.

"Stop being a ?@#$%^! and Bring Your Own."
- Ash Adams, writer/filmmaker