Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bring Your Own....eco stud?

Okay, maybe the link to BYO is a stretch, but I couldn't resist posting this.

People mag recently did a spread on "lean green sexy machines", hot eco-minded eligible hunks. And featured my Santa Cruz buddy Guillermo Payet, founder of Local Harvest! Huge kudos to People for having the wherewithal to recognize true brilliance.

Guillermo created Local Harvest way before the local/organic craze became hip - a man way ahead of his time. Combining his passion for sustainable food systems with his remarkable programming skills, Guillermo created a national database linking people directly to local farming resources. You can punch in your zip, and LH connects you to local farms, restaurants, CSAs etc. in your immediate vicinity. Hot stuff indeed.

Building community is second nature to Guillermo. When I lived in Santa Cruz, I think I met most of my friends through his infamous pizza parties, always an eclectic assortment of international folks and Santa Cruz changemakers.

Hes also a phenomenal chef, masseuse, beekeeper, and....get in line ladies. Just don't wash your jeans too often.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Meet the Skooperbox

"But what do I do about doo doo?"

I hear this pet owner dilemma over and over, from people who want to ditch plastic bags, but haven't found a green alternative to the pick up problem.

Then learned about the Skooperbox, a biodegradable, recycled material option, with added benefit of distancing you from the inevitable squish factor. Nice.

Many of my friends/family members use excess plastic bags to do the deed - like the super annoying ones that come with the LA times for example. (Does it REALLY rain here often enough to warrant this petroleum layer?)

While this is certainly reusing, it unfortunately preserves the stuff in landfills for centuries, due to plastics' nefarious longevity. Which, unless you wanted to preserve your pet waste for future generations to study, is a pretty foul concept.

If I had space for a furry friend, I'd certainly give these a try. And if I also had garden space, I'd chuck both Skooperbox and contents into a special canine composting toilet, directions thanks to the Worsted Witch.

Any plastic eschewing pet owners out there?