Wednesday, January 31, 2007

BYO makes Treehugger!

Once I got over the childish thrill of seeing BYO on Treehugger, my favorite blog and daily read, I thought about the increasing numbers of people I've met, articles read, bloggers...blogged with, all fired up on the disposables/pollution issue......

Granted, I seek out these folks, so no great surprise - travel to less aware areas makes me wanna throw in the towel. Still, maybe what were seeing here is the beginnings of a new attitude towards our "stuff", the stuff we plough through and toss

Am I deluding myself, or is it possible, are we ready to take the plunge and committ to our future, or are we still a buncha mindless product players?

Check out the curvaceous form on this red-hot commuter, no wonder he's on his your cup.