Thursday, July 20, 2006

Win TJ's raffle when you BYO!

Just learned about this one: every time you bring your own bag to Trader Joe's, you enter to win a raffle for a $25 shopping spree! They have drawings twice a month, so the odds are pretty good.....especially since it doesn't seem like a ton of peeps are responding....yet.

Same old same old, this great store promotion, yet not alot of signage, save this little reminder up at the register. Of course, if you didn't bring your own bag, the reg. sign is a wee bit too late. Maybe keychains would work? Something you look at before leaving the house? I've been eyeing these great ones made out of recycled bike chains for when I have some $ to put into BYO goods.

In any event, the TJ's raffle is awesome - $25 at TJ's could fetch some pretty nice loot. So take advantage!


Couchman said...

Hi there, just found your blog, and I love it! Thank you. Bookmarked it and will now check it out everyday!


Anna said...

Hey many thanks Joshua, a little motivation to post more regularly!

Anonymous said...

The problem with TJ's is not the outer bag but all the plastic inside the bag! So ironic to see customers carrying their canvas bags full of plastic-encased products, including produce!

Yeah, Trader Joe's uses PLA for some of their produce, but that's not a great solution either. PLA won't biodegrade in the ocean, so it's still a hazard to marine like.

Love your blog, by the way. Am making my way through it.