Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wild Oats Wooden Nickel Program

Not only do you cut back on unrecyclable disposable nasties when you Bring Your Own, you often get a little discount from cafes or markets - usually only 5 or 10 cents, but it all adds up in the grand scheme of things.

Even better, Wild Oats has a program where you can either opt for the 5 cents off, OR donate to a local charity through their Wooden Nickel Program. In return for your mindfullness, the cashier will hand you a little wooden nickel that you deposit in a slot, choosing between 3 local non-profits, who likely need the 5 cents more than your average Wild Oats shopper.

What suprises me is how few people I see responding to this - I'm a regular at Wild Oats, and rarely see people bringing their own bags. I wonder what percentage of people remember, and how we might work to up the numbers......will hafta look into this one. Any ideas from anyone?

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