Monday, November 26, 2007

Keep plastic outta my sushi

It seems a little self-promoting to post my own article here, but as its related to disposable issues, what they heck. A column I wrote for the Santa Monica Mirror, on Santa Monica's efforts to ban styrofoam and non-recyclable plastics.

For those that make the astute obervation that sushi-eating is hardly a green lifestyle practice, it's a metaphor. Though I admit sushi is one of my guilty pleasures....

My lovely photographer friend Rebecca was gracious enough to take this photo at the Grateful Bread on VERY short notice. If you find yourself with a mad cupcake craving after visiting her delicious website, trust me, you're not alone.


Michelle said...

Great article, Anna! Geez, I hadn't realized that the plastic ratio has increased to 30:1. That's disgraceful.

I really do appreciate your article- it helps me stay updated with current information!


Henry said...

Great blog. You know how a lot of sushi restaurants use disposable chopsticks? Well, there is a travel friendly
retractable chopstick.

It's sold by Tzu-Chi, a non-profit Buddhist organization. I couldn't find their store on-line, but they have plenty of branches in California. I guess you'll have to call their US office to find a branch near you.