Thursday, September 20, 2007

Plastic Bag Monster strikes again!

Readers, beware....there have been several recent sightings of the dreaded bag monster, on the loose again.

The bag monster has been wreaking havoc in San Fracisco, and stalking young women nationwide.

So far no one has been able to catch him.

To avoid any unfortunate run ins with this sinister synthetic scoundrel, make sure you are prepared: Bring Your Own.


Roger, Gone Green said...

If you can believe it, Trader Joe's has started using Plastic Bags(!!!) in addition to the paper and traditional TJ cloth bags . . . what are they thinking?!?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that people don't do this more. In reality, it's so much more convenient having your own bag that once you begin, you wouldn't ever go back. The problem is breaking people of their old habits.

Bag Monster said...

Intelligence indicates Bag Monsters are migrating to San Francisco environmental events!!!

Saturday, November 3rd
UN Plaza; Step It Up 2007 event, 2pm (stepitup2007)
Union Square, 3pm

Tuesday, November 6th
City Hall, Election Day, Noon

Saturday, November 10th
Green Festival San Francisco, 1pm
Golden Gate Bridge 4-5pm
Fisherman’s Wharf, 5:30pm


Wednesday, November 15th
Montgomery Bart Station (on Market Street), 5pm
Embarcadero Bart Station (on Market Street), 6pm


Tuesday, November 20th
10:30am, Bag Monster at Haight-Ashbury
11:30am, City Hall

Anonymous said...

I'm not so bad, you know... I'm a family monster with millions of little Bag Monster spawn to worry about. Some of them live under kitchen sinks, but most of them live in the bay and ocean. We love the water and it's one of the main reasons we moved to San Francisco 40 years ago. That, and the fact that San Francisco was such a tolerant place where the Bag Monster Family could live free of oppression... at least that was the case until the "tolerant liberals" on the city council decided to kick us all out of town because we make an expensive mess and because a few of us were eaten by marine animals... Don't they know better than to eat Bag Monsters? Well, I guess not. We disagree with the council, but we know when we're not welcome... We're going to have a going away party on Tuesday, November 20th from 6-9 at 111 Minna Gallery (at 2nd Street between Market and Mission). For more info go to

Goodbye San Francisco! The Bag Monster Family will miss you!
We’re going to more tolerant communities like Berkeley and Marin!