Friday, June 15, 2007

Meet the Skooperbox

"But what do I do about doo doo?"

I hear this pet owner dilemma over and over, from people who want to ditch plastic bags, but haven't found a green alternative to the pick up problem.

Then learned about the Skooperbox, a biodegradable, recycled material option, with added benefit of distancing you from the inevitable squish factor. Nice.

Many of my friends/family members use excess plastic bags to do the deed - like the super annoying ones that come with the LA times for example. (Does it REALLY rain here often enough to warrant this petroleum layer?)

While this is certainly reusing, it unfortunately preserves the stuff in landfills for centuries, due to plastics' nefarious longevity. Which, unless you wanted to preserve your pet waste for future generations to study, is a pretty foul concept.

If I had space for a furry friend, I'd certainly give these a try. And if I also had garden space, I'd chuck both Skooperbox and contents into a special canine composting toilet, directions thanks to the Worsted Witch.

Any plastic eschewing pet owners out there?


Anonymous said...

Aww, I want a dog!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, our dog only does her business in our back yard, so we use a shovel to pick it all up, then we burry (sp?) it. We're thinking about getting one of the doggie composting toilets, because gross doggie likes do dig up her poo when she gets bored...

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of these, but will certainly check them out. Another great option are BioBags compostable doggie poo bags. I've had a fairly easy time finding these, although sometimes they can be slightly pricey. After I use them, I throw them in my small backyard compost bin and they breakdown pretty quickly.

you can read some people's reviews on

Anonymous said...

Green bins (municipal composting) in my area will take dog poop but not plastic (even compostable plastic) so I've taken to picking up dog poop with a couple layers of newspaper (which the green bin will take). It works fine.

This seems like a good idea, too.