Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jumping on the (throwaway) BAN wagon?

San Francisco's decision to bag the plastic bag continues generating ripples near and far, which is great in many ways....mostly in that its got other cities thinking. Including close to home....

My one concern (granted, its easy to criticize, and I know these things are monumentally complicated to pass) HOWEVER:

Replacing plastic bags with paper and compostable does little to address the root of the issue: our disposable mentality. Yes, its potentially preventing plastic bags from winding up in the ocean, to be chomped by poor unwitting sea turtles.....but at the end of the day, a tremendous opportunity to educate is missed. We gotta start valuing our resources! Bring your own damn bag, use it over an over, take some responsibility for your crap!

The much cited ban in Ireland was effective because it charged people, by placing a 15 cent fee on bags. People no longer looked at the nasty little suckers as expendable, valueless items, to be tossed unthinkingly.

We HATE having to pay for things we think should be free.....and when we have to PAY, even a paltry sum of 10-15 cents, we immediately attach some value.

So as other municipalities and communities discuss how to deal with the synthetic scourge, I'll keep repeating my mantra: Bring Your Own, and quit throwing it all away.

(Image from Graphic Witness)


maggie said...

so why don't people bring their own bags? you see it all over europe and other parts of the world. it seems easy enough. most of us have lots of bags, totes, and things to carry things. just slip the tote in a pack or pocket or leave a few in the car and voila - when it comes time to shop, there is a reusable bag. here in maine, we also donate to a local non-profit, the few cents you get back for using your own bags. nice incentive!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the succinct comments on this issue that seems so ridiculously easy to resolve, as indicated in your last line.I have included and referred to this post at my own (fairly youthful) site, My Fair Share (
Great blog, thanks again.