Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Mermaid Tears"

Mermaid tears.

Has a sort of tragically beautiful, poetic ring to it, much nicer than, say, "potentially poisonous plastic particles phouling up the ocean"

Phew, that was a wee bit too much on the alliteration, got carried away....

These so called tears, or plastic pellets, seem to be taking over our marine environment.

So this is not news to us who obsess about disposable plastics and their cursed longevity, but seems to finally be catching fire in the media.

To recap: petroleum plastics last a gazillion years, they wind up in the ocean by the boatload, where they attract toxic chemicals (PCBs, DDTs, etc.), and pose a sinister synthetic threat to our seas. Read more about it here.......

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the BBC link... in a world where we all create such an impact, in ways we can never fully know, its important to keep up with the research. But it is overwhelming... I guess the way to reduce our workload, the moral obligation to study up on our impact, is to stop using so much darn plastic! Every time I paddle my kayak I find and retreive sinister sheets and bags floating around below the surface. Does that make me "plastic neutral?" No, not by a long shot! I wish.