Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Plastic Bags in Outer Space

Really, its true. This happened a while back, caught my interest again.....Plastic waste has now been spotted floating in space.

Astronauts on Space Shuttle Atlantis spotted a "mystery object" lurking near the ship, raising alarm that it might interfere with a safe return. And delayed their earth-coming a couple days to conduct thorough investigations of said object.

Which was likely a small piece of plastic, and "deemed non-threatening". THEN, a second object was spotted - you guessed it, the ubiquitous plastic bag.

On another, even more concerning note, studies by the US space agency showed that Earth's rapid warming has pushed temperatures to their hottest level in nearly 12,000 years and within a hairbreadth of a million years. Smokin'.


Siel said...

This is so gross! Damn those plastics!

(Also -- just another reminder to free up your comments in this post -- It's still not allowing for comments from anyone who doesn't have a blogger account.)

Anna said...

Thanks Siel,
I think I changed the comments deal, hopefully will be easier now for people to chime in!