Monday, August 07, 2006

Save the oceans, use less plastic.

Last weeks LA Times series" on the sad state of our oceans was pretty grim. So what to do about it all?

Check out David Helvarg's response, "How You Can Turn The Tide" for some everyday tips on preserving our seas.

No need to become the next Cousteau to make waves - turns out just about everything we do affects the ocean. From the foods we choose - local organic vs. petroleum-intensive conventional, to our transportation choices - it's all connected....

#3 on Helvarg's list: Use less plastic:

"Plastic objects make up about 60% of the trash found on the beaches and about 90% of the debris found floating in the oceans worldwide. If you take plastic to the beach, take it home with you. Buy from bulk bins and reuse containers. Use canvas tote bags instead of shopping bags."

Right on.

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