Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Anna Cummins

Anna Cummins would much rather be riding around Los Angeles on her Xtracycle than sitting in front of a computer, however she recognizes the power of the Internet to communicate, motivate, and inspire.

Anna's interest in all things green began with an early gravitation towards compost and worms. She has since gone on to work in environmental non-profits, with a focus on marine conservation, environmental education, and sustainable living.

An avid bike enthusiast, Anna joins the Worldchanging Team to write about two wheeled matters. She hopes to encourage others to ditch their petromobiles and join the fossil-fuel free velorution. When not writing or thinking about bikes, she teaches organic/vegetarian cooking to high school kids, runs a local Bring Your Own campaign, and dreams of travel to beautiful places.

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Chloe Maxmin said...

Hello Anna,
My name is Chloe Maxmin, and I believe you know my aunt, Jody. She thought you would be interested in reading my blog, which is also on blogger. But, she didn't know your e-mail address so that I could invite you on. You can e-mail Jody or myself at
Sincerely, Chloe Maxmin