Thursday, April 27, 2006

the coffee cup landscape

A typical day in front of.....a coffee shop on Montana. Not to single this coffee shop out, as a) I LOVE their coffee and b) you'd find the same image at just about any java joint in town.

Granted, vendors of disposables are just the providers, and ultimately we consumers must make the right choices.

I just see such an opportunity for them - markets, coffee shops, "to go" restaurants, etc. - to play a leadership role in helping the busy, forgetfull consumer with some signage. Will post next an awesome sign my super creative friend wendy made.


Siel said...

It's v. odd why the coffee shops don't just provide better signage... Is there some hidden financial incentive for NOT providing signage? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Coffee retailers only give the consumer what they want. If everyone brought their own cup into Starbucks or Peets then dispposable cups would not blemish our sidewalks and flow over public trash cans. I too fear that seeing any company's trash on the ground only works to subconsciously endorse their brand as you step over the offending paper cup.

I write about environmental advances in the hot beverage world at my blog: