Sunday, November 06, 2005

Joining the blogolution

Inspired by some fellow green bloggers out there, especially the prolific green la girl, I finally decided to start spreading the Bring Your Own message via cyber space.

The idea for this BYO campaign arose as much from my coffee habit as my growing disgust with the buildup of unnecessary plastic crap in the world. I love a good latte, but the java experience was becoming more unpleasant as I'd watch troops of coffee drinkers getting their daily fix in throwaway cups (with plastic lids mind you) yet drinking them right there!

This, and the copious amounts of plastic bags carted off by "eco conscious" consumers at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, etc. set me off on a personal crusade to spread the word.

So grab your commuter cup, tote bag, cloth napkin, and stand by......


lauren said...

Welcome! I just started a blog too. The idea of connecting with people about these ideas is pretty exciting, isn't it? Just wanted to let you know that your post was the little push that I needed to finally order four hemp bags from I have a few canvas bags that I try to use, but I didn't have enough to cart home a full load of groceries. My goal is to always have a bag with me so that I can eliminate the use of paper and plastic bags. It's a start!

Anna said...

Thanks Lauren!
There are more and more of us cropping up, finding/connecting with one another will help us gain some "critical mass".

And yes, we all need a handful of bags kicking around to dispense with those detestable plastic ones. I'm about to get my own BYO bags, thanks to a generous donation of some organic cotton totes from Patagonia.

Lets put our heads/energies together and kick some plASStic!

Anonymous said...

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Teresa Rutten said...

Hi Anna.....
I love your blog! A group of us in London, Ontario, Canada are encouraging people to "Lug It (reusable dishes/utensils) to summer festivals.