Monday, February 27, 2006

Plastic in your coffee?

Just in from Treehugger, a new company MicroGreen working on plastic coffee cups made entirely from recycled beverage containers. Interesting, as there’s a need for more recycled plastic uses. I wonder though, are these still meant to be disposable? Fully recyclable? And how do they rate on the whole safety factor?

Not sure I'd want to drink hot liquid out of plastic. Theres been a slew of reports out in the last year about plastic possibly leaching toxic chemicals into our food and water. While some question this research, I personally would rather play it safe till someone proves otherwise.

I'll take stainless steel with my coffee for now.....


Admin said...

Yeah, I agree w/ you...I'll stay in a safer side for plastic cups for hot drinks :-)

Btw, I started, March, to put a sign on my blackboard for 50% off for coffees or teas if people bring their own cups. One guy so far, came with his young daughter and live close by my shop, really liked the idea. They said they'd come with their cups next time...:-) I'll show a pix maybe on my blog soon...we'll see.

Anna said...

Way to go Maya! Definitely take some pix, and I'll post one on my blog as well. Will be interesting to see if more people respond....and 50% is huge, way better than the measly 5-10 cents most places offer.

Admin said...

I'll let you know once I take a better picture :-) Yeah, 50% for now trying to encourage people to do it. It's tough here in a little town, people are so used to their habits and 'old' ways of doing things...that man I told you about hasn't come back yet with his see, I got lot's of Arnold's "I'll be Back" famous line :-D I'm 'shaking' Antibes actually with all my 'crazy' ideas :-D Love it!

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